Whoooooo’s Up

Guess who’s up again, this is beginning to be an ongoing thing. I would be telling an untruth if I said th at I am okay with this. At the same time I’m kind of wondering why am I up exactly? I never have the exact reason why, maybe it’s not for me to know but simply to go with the flow.

Night timefeels like a time to get away. Not for me because i’ve become a worry wart. I am starting to feel like now when I do wake up I feel so overwhelmed and uneasy. I dont know why that is either I dont have any extra stress other than the typical life issues but nothing to dwell on.

Believe in or not this is very common in woman. The anxiety part, and sometimes it can be overwhelming at times. All you can do is push through.

Now let’s be clear anxiety is not like oh she’s going to have a melt down. Of course not jeez, but how ironic is it that people really do have that perception of people with anxiety. I guess there’s a person for everyone. In this case that absolute crap and that is no where near the case.


Intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations.

This is me in a nutshell but then again who doesnt have things like this going on. You mean to tell me I’m the only one of course not. If people do endure things like this some choose to keep it a secret where as other like me would very much love to tell you my story.

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