Whatever Happened To Sleep

The time is approximately 4:52 and I must say that this is one of my good days where I should he sleeping. For some odd reason that is never the case when you have kids.

Not sure why but for some odd reason my kids are in my bed tapping me. Mommy wake up , no hun go back to sleep. When she says okay that is the time when I believe Ive reached an achievement. Of course not because that would be to easy.

And Then There Were 3

Mommy,I tried to sleep but now we are all up, I am at a loss for words but my reaction was kind of “hey I’m annoyed and exhausted” dont you guys know how to sleep. I myself dont believe that this is the right thing that should be happening, but how do I get all 3 back to sleep.

Back To Sleep Kiddos?

Here is the honest truth sometimes they will go back to sleep and sometimes they will not.Having a back up plan for this is a great way to ensure no mischief happens. Long story short my kids WILL NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP.

What to do?

The television is never my go to but when it is 5 minutes to 5 what other option is beneficial. I turn the television on so at least I know that they will lay down and eventually go back to sleep.

What About The Tv?

Now mama’s dont judge, the answer here is simple and I know that mama’s dont think it highly of it. Given this current time me and my television became great friends. Now do I turn on cartoons of course not. Everything is clearly educational. The options here are limited.

Does this work all the time no, mostly for my oldest. Zuri and Zanai. Zoii on the other hand that’s a totally different story. I had developed this method simply because it works for me. Also it keeps my kids sitting down and being quiet. One by one they slowly fall back to sleep.