Guilty Weekend Vacation

I know that as a mom I need time to myself but the question is, “Why is it so hard to enjoy it”. When I get time for me and put my mom status on vacation even if it’s for a brief moment it kills me.

Why you may ask because I am so used to hearing my kids run through the house and breathe life into it all around. When they are not around the house seems lonely and somewhat abandoned. My kids are a part of me and when they leave I do miss them a great deal.

Someone inve bashed me for allowing my children to go to their grandparents during the weekend. I thought to myself your a mom how can you judge me for doing what’s best for me. You simply cant all moms are different in more ways than one.

I soon realized that over a period of time that I had to come to realization that I matter to. Being able to focus on me helps me to be better, more patient, understanding, calm. Its everything that you need to feel in order for you to find peace.

So tonight is one if those nights at first there was 3 and now there is 2. I know you guys are saying that’s not a break. Oh but it is and when you have more then 1 you crave that me time.

So tonight is for me. It may sound cheesy but if I’m lucky I will get a weekend vacation this go round. My me time will be spent painting my home with my husband. Two birds one stone and I have just managed to spend quality time while having me time.

Who Knew.

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