Bickering Nightmares

As of late I have been struggling with my girls constant bickering back and forth. Let me be the first to say  I don’t like arguing especially when my kids do it.

Why ?

The reasons as to why kids argue can be a variety of reasons. It doesn’t matter if you have boys or girls arguing is inevitable. Most of the reasons are dumb and dont really make sense but to kids they have got a good case.

My girls normally fuss about dumb things such as being on the wrong side of the room. My girls share a room in which is divided by a curtain. I try to keep them apart because my 7 year old like her time.

No matter what the reason my be its never valid enough for a arguement.

Fixing The Problem

Now I have not fully come to a recommendation for all moms. I guess it simply depends on your children but the same methods normally work.

  • Time Out
  • Punishment
  • Spanking (last alternative)


My kids absolutely hate time out but time out is more than a childs birthday. Some people go by the childs age but in when reality real time limits will suffice.

I normally start my kids on a 5 minute time out. No not the make believe time out where you count in your head lose count and then just say okay time served. Really take the time to discipline you child, place a timer on your phone to help you.

No matter how much they may cry do not give into that little thing called mom guilt. It’s all about sticking to your word and following through.


We all know about punishment, it that I’ve talk to you about this before. Yet here we are again, children do what you allow them to.

This is an effective way to get your child to actual pay attention. Giving them time to reflect on the actual problem at hand. Taking away things that they enjoy to show them that this is a privilege not something just given.

There is no time frame on punishment it’s mainly up to you. Given the current situation you may see fit to punish them for a day or two.

Remember after the punishment is completed talk to you child and reflect. Help them to understand the reasoning once more and the consequences should it happen again.


No one likes to spank there kids but sometimes it is necessary. Alot of people say that they do not spank there kids and I dont know how true that is but I doubt it to be true.

When I first became a mom I said that I would never spank my kids. That soon changes when I became a mom. Sometimes children don’t listen and it warrants for a spanking.

This would be considered a last resort. Of course I’m not saying let’s just spank them for everything but do as you see fit. Again this is the last resort.


Now I’m not saying that the arguing will stop immediately. It will show them that it is not okay to argue. It should not resort to spanking, mainly time out works and punishment.

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