Breastfeeding Yes or No?

This has always been a great debate as to whether a mother should breast feed her child or the alternative way formula. Although there is nothing awrong with formula, In fact this is what I chose for my daughters. It wasn’t so much my choice a I had no choice in the matter I couldn’t produce milk. In some cases this may be the underlying issue or maybe some moms just want what they want.

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In This Blog You Will Find:

  • What is Breastfeeding?
  • Should I Breastfeed Yes or No?
  • What Are The Benefits of Breastfeeding?
  • Disadvantages of Breastfeeding


The name says it all but what exactly is breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding, also referred to as nursing, is the feeding of babies not to exclude young children with milk from a woman’s breast. 

Is Breastfeeding Right For ME?

Breastfeeding is a choice in which moms make because studies have shown that babies who are breastfed tend to be healthier and smarter. Many health organization prefer that babies are breastfed as newborns. Breast milk should only be given for up to 6 months but moms have the choice to breastfeed until they make the decision to stop. (Although this is not recommended). The longer you baby breastfeeds the harder it will be to get them to switch to a bottle.

Benefits of Breastfeeding.

The benefits for breastfeeding are of great importance this is what makes moms make the choice as to whether they should stick to the natural way or introduce your baby to formula. I must say that I do believe that babies do benefit from breastfeeding more but then again all babies are different.


As Well As:

  • Protects against allergies and eczema
  • Less stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea,
  • Reduces the risk of viruses, infections
  • Lessens the risk of SIDS.

Advantages Cont…

  • When you breastfeed it provides your baby with a wide variety of developmental and health benefits
  • It has been discovered that woman who breastfeed tends to recover from childbirth quicker than women who choose not to breastfeed. (Breastfeeding benefits are reducing the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.
  • Convenient how you can supply your baby with milk at the correct temperature for consumption. No need for those pesky bottles that take forever to make you have everything on hand literally.
  • You can feed you baby pumped milk

Breastfeeding for Mommy and Me

But don’t worry it only gets better from here trust . The advantages are just as great when it comes to building a bond with your baby by just breastfeeding.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Of course there are always disadvantages but does that bad outweigh the good in this case maybe not let’s take a look at the disadvantages of breastfeeding.

But First Something People Don’t Tell You

Breastfeeding Can Be Painful


In some cases you will have to deal with some of the uncomfortable common effects that comes with  breastfeeding. These include things like breast engorgement, plugged milk ducts, and sore nipples. If you can overcome this then you are good to go.

This is not to scare you off or to make you feel uncomfortable, this is to prepare you for what is to come. Check this out (Remedies for Breastfeeding)


  • Clingy
  • Breastfeeding Can Be Painful
  • Your Partner is Helpless
  • Can Be Difficult In The Beginning
  • You Have To Stay Healthy


When you start breastfeeding you cant stop you have to keep pushing through and now you child has their hearts set on it. Never letting go so that officially makes you an on call mom. You have to always be nearby in case you little one wakes up and wants a feeding. In the beginning this can be very tedious being as though you have to feed every 3 hours vs. 6.

Breastfeeding Can Be Painful

When you breast feed sometimes your breast become engorged and you nipples will become very tender, this could cause a great deal of discomfort.

Helpless Partner

Being as though your partner lacks that special thing when it comes to feeding time don’t be discouraged, breastfeeding in a sense is a mothers way of bonding. There are other ways in which the partners can help. Check out this nifty blog for dads and breastfeeding.

Can Be Difficult In The Beginning

In beginning with everything going on and the changes that your body is enduring,your body is tired and exhausted it can be hard to breastfeed. Some babies are not able to latch on immediately and after a while of trying you may get discouraged.

Live Healthy

You have to constantly keep asking yourself is this healthy for my baby. Literally, think of it as what you eat you baby eat. I mean you wouldn’t feed you baby a big mac right? Clean eating is also an option to keep you on the right path.

Check This Out

Is Breastfeeding Right For You

Breastfeeding is not for everyone and it’s not something that you just dive into without doing your research and I’m here to help you. The decision is yours and no matter what you choose we are behind you the whole way.

How Do You Know If Your Baby is Teething

In This Post You Will Find

  • How do you know your baby is teething?
  • Teething Symptoms
  • Teething Time Frames
  • How long does it take for a tooth to erupt?
  • Teething baby tips
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If you are a parent like me then you know that you will eventually get to this point in your life where your child starts teething . No, we are never ready for the simple things when it comes to children but hey we are all learning. We don’t just become the best parent overnight that would probably take a life time. Anyway let’s discuss the teething stage.

Is My Baby Teething?

Telling whether or not your baby is teething can be the easiest thing to figure out or the hardest being as though the symptoms do not show up in each individual baby but at lest one does.

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Some of the symptoms that you might experience is,

  • Irritability
  • Interrupted sleep patterns
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Drooling
  • Loss of appetite
  • Rash
  • Mild temperature
  • Constipation, Diarrhea
  • Increased nibbling
  • Increased gum rubbing
  • Increased ear rubbing.

Now as I said all babies are different and may show little to no symptoms if you spot any changes in your little one this could be a reason.

How Long?

Well I’m sorry to that time unfortunately not on you side and so this will be a long term battle parents. I can say that it get’s better because later on down the line as they get older they will not be as fussy.

So your little one will have at least twenty pearly whites that will eventually come in over a period of two years during this time your baby will experience pain and irritation. This will only be due to your babies tooth breaking through the gum.

How long does it take to erupt?

The breakdown is simple the lower set tends to press through before the upper set. The first set of upper and lower molars begin to push through well erupt if you will, between the ages of 13 -19 months. Canine teeth erupt  in both the upper and lower jaws

Food for thought so perhaps your still feeling over whelmed don’t worry we are here to help take a deep breathe and lets dive into how you can stay sane through this process.

My sanity matters too

The constant crying can be something dreadful to hear after a couple of minutes let alone hour that when things can take a toll on you. We all look for things that can both benefit us as well as our children. In this situation if your thinking well what can I do. Well look no further the answer is here.

How can I soothe my baby while teething?

This is nothing big and although we as moms have a preference as to our little ones and nursing them back to health but I’m going to share some tips with you to make this easier for everyone.

  • Rub your babies gums (clean finger or moistened gauze pad your preference)
  • Chill Out. A cold spoon or a chilled teething ring can be a beneficial factor on keeping your baby comfortable
  • Hard Foods it makes nibbling all the more fun
  • Keep bibs on hand for those long drool days
  • Try over the counter remedy
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How long does it take for babies teeth to full come in?


Yes I said years to be more specific your babies teeth will not fall out until his permanent ones are ready to come in. This is generally around 6, 7 years of age. So knowing what you know now you will be okay.

Trust Me I Know I’m A MOM.

What are some teething solutions that you use when it comes to your little one’s teething process? Please share and leave a comment.

Self Care and it’s Wonders

Everyone always tells me about self care tips for to use on my own personal time but I must admit finding time for me when you a mom of three is pretty rare. Now this may not be the case for a lot of moms but it is a thing I assure you. I mean what’s a girl gotta do to stay sane with no free time? You figure out different tips ans things you can do when the kids are napping like blogging, that’s not where we are right now. We have to come up with ideas that best suits your life.

Self Care?

What exactly is self care because when you say self care I can thing of a ton of things that would fall into this particular category. So let define this term shall we maybe we can get to the bottom of all this caous.

Self Care Defined:

Any activity that we do or engage in order to take care of our Emotional, Physical and Mental health.

Helpful Tips

Practicing good self care is key to not only an improved mood but reduced anxiety as well. It is very important that parents pay attention to themselves as well as their children. You must have the ability to manage both. No this does not make you a bad parent it just makes you human and that’s all we can ask for. Focusing on self care for yourself makes it easier for you to be that calm, down to earth, fun mom that you really want to be. You cant do that without self care because you will go insane. The point is we all need a break and as a mom I am here to say it’s okay.

My Journey

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I used to be that mom overwhelmed, stressed, tired and all because I didn’t have enough time for me. No, this wasn’t the case for me I didn’t have enough time because I didn’t make time. You see self care all depends on you there is a choice as to whether or not you want to make yourself important in this equation.

I would always put off self care like getting my nails done, hair, make-up on occasions but I didn’t want to be that far from my kids. I was hooked there was no sane way for me to describe this. One day my husband put me out of the house and so something for you. That’s when I really experienced self care and me time. It took me soooo long, it felt like forever to be honest. That day I went out and I went shopping for myself and had a spa day it was awesome. When I came back home I was refreshed and focused. I noticed a difference immediatly I wasn’t grouchy nor overwhelmed. It was almost like I got to release all my stress and tension and only focus on me. No kids asking a million questions, singing loudly, kicking chairs, etc.

This is why I feel so strongly about this and I need for moms to know that no matter what you think people may think of you doesn’t matter but you well being does so let’s get some self care going.


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Self Care Activites

What can I do to accomplish self care well while the idea may seem overwhelming it’s not you just overthinking this. Take a deep breath I’m going to help you get your brain moving to accomplish this goal.


  • Clean Eating
  • Physical Fitness (Pilates, Yoga)
  • Relieve Stress (Meditation)
  • Structure and Time Management
  • Relaxation (Take a load off!)

A Little Extra

50 Self Care Ideas for a bad day (free printable)! Take care of your mental health with these easy self-care activities and self-care tips to make you feel better. Helpful things to do for women to take care of their mind, body, and soul. #loveyourself #selfcare #selflove #personalgrowth #mentalhealth

Self Care Strategies

FOR Me and you

  • Exercise Regularly
  • Eat a clean, balanced diet
  • Ask for help when necessary
  • Think of yourself as you own motivation and bestie
  • Plan something that you can look forward too
  • Maintain your healthy friendships
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Asking for Help? Not Me.

I know we all hate asking for help me included so there is no longer an elephant in the room. It is okay to ask for help we are not perfect and things do happen when we least expect them to. So if you feel as though help is necessary then by all means ask. I always say only ask if you are in dire need of it not just to have because it’s not simply just to have. Everyone works hard to achieve what they have and to be honest no one has money to just up and give away.

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If you don’t believe me when I say life will be so much more peaceful when you yourself are able to have a piece of mind I mean it. There is so much more that you can do with a little time for yourself and make yourself much more happier for everyone’s sake. In a sense who wants to be a grouch ball for forever, you are preventing your own happiness. Life is what you make it so lets get the ball rolling for you.

Moms Matter Too

A Tiny Favor

I’m not saying this is mandatory but I do hope that this was helpful for you because all parents not just moms needs a break from time to time. Remember your worth and keep the mindset that I am entitled to me time. So hang up your cape of being a protector and go have a hour to yourself. Trust Me you will be so happy you did.

4-5 years Never Better

So here’s the thing I became a mom of a 5 year old overnight.

Happy 5th Birthday Zanai
In This Blog You Will Find
  • What do you call a five year old?
  • Is a 5th birthday a milestone?
  • What can a child do around this particular age
  • What to teach them at 5

Panic Mode

Okay so I know that we as parents all have to go through the stages of our children growing up. No one is ever ready despite what they say. However truth be told I am never ready for my kids to grow, I am literally that mom in the background crying when my kids turns another year old. I know in some cases this may not be normal but I can’t see my life without my kids but now as I sit here and type what will I do when they become teens? Okay i’m over thinking this but I’know this is reality.

What do you call a five year old?

I never know what to call my kids as they get older there are so many names now. For instance

  • 3-5 years would be considered a preschooler or a young child
  • 5-12 years would be referred to as a school age child
  • 5-14 is a child
  • However 10-13 years would be called a preteen

The Milestone Reality

If your sitting there thinking to yourself okay there is no way that becoming 5 means that you are at a milestone of great importance.

Could it be?

Of Course!

This is just around the time that your child is getting into school and making new friends. Yes, friends the friendly faces that you can invite to their birthday and have mom time too with other moms. This is such a win, win if you ask me. All of this will cause a great deal of excitement in your child as well as their peers.

But wait there’s more!

What can my child do at 5

Well 5 is kind of the same as four but it just gets better from here they tend to become much more active, social, and responsible. So lets cove some of the things that you can look forward to with your 5 year old. These can be found in either Cognitive or Movement Milestones.


Focusing on a child’s development in terms of information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, language learning, and other aspects of the developed adult brain and cognitive psychology.

Movement Milestones

These are often referred to as “motor development;”

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what these terms are fear not most people don’t and that’s okay. So now that we have a mutual understanding on what these terms mean we are now better able to understand in it’s entirety let’s get into it shall we.


  • Recognize majority of letters and possibly write their name
  • Have a better understanding of the concept of time and structure of daily activities, like breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner at night
  • Able to focus more
  • Follow two- to three-part commands.
  • Recognize familiar word signs, such as “Yes and No”
  • Know’s residency if taught

Movement Milestones

  • Stand on one foot for more than 5 seconds
  • Hop
  • Walk up and down stairs by themselves
  • Walk forward and backwards with ease
  • Peddle
  • Able to make and trace shapes
  • Stack 6 or more blocks
  • Use utensils

What do I teach them at 5?

Around this time with all the new things that is going on with your active 5 years old there is still more that can be crammed in there as well. For instance Values, these are very important it builds character.

Important Values

  • Honesty
  • Justice
  • Determination
  • Consideration
  • Love


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Help them find a way to tell the truth.

Only with honesty can we Grow

In order for your child to be honest you have to be honest that’s the honest truth. Have you ever heard the term

“Teach what you Preach”

before? It may not mean anything but it simply mean that if I tell my child to tell the truth and I don’t how can I expect anything but what I am teaching them. There is not a kill switch here when you have kids you have to be on you P’s and Q’s because they pick up and imitate everything.

This is very important because if they are not honest now later on the issue could spiral out of control.

“Better to be safe than sorry”


Simply for children to make amends. If two children are having a disagreement things can be bad right then and there but later on down the line who wants all that built up tension? Children should not have to worry about fighting uneccessary battles at this age but rather to just be a kid.


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Encouraging them to take on a challenge can be somewhat of beneficial for them being as though they will want to press on. Determination in a nutshell is just doing what needs to be done whether you want to or not. Pushing through is the concept teaching them how to be fighter and to not just give up.


(Thinks about others feelings before making irrational decisions. Sometimes kids say the awkwardest things but it’s our job as parents to help them stay on a healthy sociable path. Children do not neccessarily have a filter they simply say what comes to mind so why fault them. Instead of getting upset teach them to have consideration for other people.

For instance if two children Amy and Derek are having a dispute and Amy insults Derek. Although she may not know that this is hurtful and that it had an effect on her friend she unknowingly keeps going. Now how can we tell right off hand how a person feels we don’t but actions speak louder than words. Being considerate in this moment would be to apologize and next time be mindful of the words that you choose because they can become misconstrued.


We all love our children of course but we need to take time to reciprocate back on the affections that they display towards us. When your child gives you a hug make sure that when you feel the urge to hug them you do so. It’s just simply letting you child know that you are here and you care a great deal.

I am aware that although you may feel s though you have the ability to get through this milestone or the the 5 year old blues and you very well can. We all can because we have so much help and a variety of resources to help us and our families. So in short do not ever think that you are alone.

The Parenting Road of Disagreements

Everyone is raised different and it’ your differences that make you uniquely you. Your up’s and downs are what make you stronger and prepares you for someday when you become a parent.What is the most common thing that couples fight about other than money, the fact that they don’t agree with the way the other parent chose to to parent the child.

I know your probably like that’s not me, me and my significant other never fight about something that ridiculous and I understand and I am happy that you have come to a common gorund. The reality here is that this is a real ongoing problem here and now, it may not major to most people but to those who want to know how to get to that safe place and understand why these problems keep occurring than keep reading .

It happened to me…

When I first became a mom me and my husband were happy and peachy but it wasn’t until my children began to get older that we had to start disciplining them. Now I know that some people frown upon discipline, they believe that a child only has to be talked to. Truth is there are a lot of different ways to discipline your child.

Long story short my daughters school relies on color codes in order to communicate with parents, my daughter would come home with constant yellow for the dumbest reasons. Say like she would be talking too much and she would get a yellow , things like that. I though it was idiotic to make a child feel like they did something wrong constantly, simply because you want them to stop talking.

Dad says hey you know that there has to be a consequence for you getting yellow

This is where the disagreement comes in because I had not been raised like that for every bad color I brought In I was punished only when it seemed as though I didn’t grasps the wrongs that I had done. I was always given a fighting chance to make things better, be better, and grow. My husband was raised on the ideas that a child who misbehaves should be punished or have some type of consequence. That’s just not the case here and so we have a disagreement on our hands. How can we solve this to get to a better mutual understanding?

Agree to Disagree That is the Question.

When parents don’t agree on parenting what should you do? Throwing a fit is simply out of the question because you don’t want your kids to see. What they see they will do and that’s not a habit you want your kids to pick up.

  • Find a common ground – Always look for the most positive parent discipline method that you can both agree on and stick to it
  • Ask yourself why are you having this disagreement? What is the actual problem? (This could be cause by there own previous childhood)
  • Start small- Find things that you can agree on (Respect, Family Values
  • Think long term – If I do this how will this affect them in the long run?
  • Pick out a signal that only you and your spouse to end the feud before it gets intense (It’s not good to yell in front of the kids, wait until you are alone with your significant other
  • Don’t do the good cop bad cops it only makes you more vulnerable in the child’s eyes. It makes them realize what they can get away with.
  • Commit to It (This is an ongoing process not an overnight job)

Got Conflict?

When it comes to conflict in general people act in a variety of ways you can never pin point what someone will do because they are angry or upset. The worst thing that could happen would be that you call each other names to make yourself feel better, but then I gues that would say a lot about your character right. So let’s be positive, think positive thoughts what can we do to fix the problem?

Here are 4 strategies proven effective

  • Accommodating
  • Avoiding
  • Collaborating
  • Compromising


Giving in is not the answer if you give in then what would be the point in saying anything at all. If you feel strongly about something address it in a more respectful way so that your partner can actually hear you. Now it is okay to accommodate if both of you agree.


This happens when one retreats from the issue at hand simply removing themselves from the situation. In some cases this is the best because we don’t want tempers flaring and words that we don’t mean being exchanged, Let’s not make more problems.


We all want the same thing why not come to a mutual agreement and work it out but be assertive to show that you mean what you say.


Sometimes we all don’t get what we want but we have the ability to change so say he is a believer in punishment and you are a firm believer in talking to your children. Make that compromise okay the first time I will talk to you about the problems and see what we can do next time to do better . If you continue this type of behavior you will become punished.


Show them you are serious and mean buissness!

We all have our differences but it is up to you to make that conscious as to whether or not you want to hash it out or become a bigger and better person.

Scheduling Made Easy

A lot of times I get asked a question that some moms dread hearing, What do stay at home moms do ? Depending on how you act it can come off sort of like, you stay at home all day and do what? Believe it or not we have to accept that some people just don’t see this as a professional job you see. Although this may be true to them it’s not to us, the hard working stay at home mom job. It’s not easy being a mom and so yes we must work hard at it.

What Is A Stay At Home Mom?


Most people say that to them a stay at home mom is just someone who stays home and tends to her kids. This maybe true but only half, here in today’s society it is looked at differently. The most common definition now would be a “mom that stay’s home to care for her children as well as manage her home”.

In the more earlier time it was referred to as a mom who has made a decision to either completely stop working and be a mom, or she still works and is a Mom. Most mom’s plan to have their children and return to work.

Some of us tend not to go back simply because we don;t trust others with our children or just simply want to home school our children. Homeschooling is just a different more efficient way to teach your children.

There are so many things that tie into this that it’s outrageous to not think that this is a job., we get up everyday and although we may not be headed to any official building to work, we work behind the scenes helping to mold our children into good respectable people for society.

What Should A Stay At Home Mom’s Do?

We raise our children of course that right there is enough but knowing us as mom we are over achievers.

What are the duties of a S|A|H|M?

  • Keep kids tidy
  • Makes sure kids are fed
  • Keep kids clothed
  • Sharing education and knowledge with children (Reading)
  • Incorporate fun activities

Now I Know myself when it comes to education no I don’t stick my kids in front of the television and say okay now it’s learning time. No, we read, complete workbooks, interactive game play 1 hr./day. There are so many ways for your children to learn it all takes patience. Being a mom takes Patience.

How are stay at home moms productive throughout the day?

Some moms are busy bee’s during the day while caring for their little one and balancing out their normal work schedule. I’m just simply a stay at home mom so I am going to share with you my insights on this. We know as moms there are so many things o do in a day, I mean think about it’s not just you and your husband anymore.

In a normal productive day I:

  • Wake up before the kids
  • Have some tea
  • Work on my blog
  • Prepare for the day
  • Make a to do list (To keep up with daily tasks)
  • Wake up my husband of course
  • Get the kids ready
  • Serve a healthy and delicious breakfast (perfect way to start everyday)
  • Transport my eldest to school
  • Return home and engage with my toddler and baby (We will cover this schedule later)
  • Clean
  • Cook (Lunch)
  • Set kids down for nap time
  • Read a book, Listen to music, Conduct reasearch
  • Pick up my eldest from school
  • On to dance!

My day may seem hectic to most of you but hey i’m a mom and in between the cracks if I think of something else that I can be doing to be more productive and efficient throughout the day, I like to throw them in. These are what I refer to as my “monkey wrench days”, I always get diverted somewhere else and my focus shifts but I love variety so I’m okay. Everything will and does fall into place.


Being a stay at home mom has it’s perks but it is the ability that I have to get things done and spend more time with my kids while teaching them means the world to me.

Keeping Baby Calm, Adventure Awaits

Car and Baby Trouble Avoided

Your baby could go from happy to fussy in little to no time, lets be prepared and productive in our pack. I would much rather see my zoii calm rather than fussy. (Can You Relate)

We all know this part very well and if your a mom you can relate to those care rides with you little one. Some mom shave kids that are fairly quite in the care or a mixture of fussy and calm. No matter what we all struggle with this and sometime it can be overwhelming.

What are care rides like for me.

On most days zoii is quite and keeps to herself but I noticed that as she gets older and more active she’s a bit more fussy. When you have 3 kids this can be overwhelming and so I’m going to share what works for me.

Beginning Our Depature.

We all know how long it can take for us to get ready just to leave the house and so for smooth sailing I recommend you pack a bag. Aside from the most obvious things I would put

  • Favorite Toy
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Blanket
  • Teething Ring
  • Orajel

How will this help?

I mean think about it you have an assortment of things to choose from to keep your little rotten apple quiet. Why not prepare for the worst it’s the least we can do as moms to survive.(Also this prevents you from losing your sanity from a screaming baby) Always be prepared and one extra step ahead.

Missing Tooth Blues

π‘³π’π’π’”π’Šπ’π’ˆ 𝒂 𝑻𝒐𝒐𝒕𝒉

Well guys today was a good day all the way up until Zanai had a melt down.

My sweet pea is always happy I love her smile it really brightens my day.

This was not a normal meltdown it was a Mommy My Tooth Meltdown! So it kind of started as a normal day, zani and I were just hanging out home when I am startled by a loud cry. “What is going on” I asked.

Mommy My Tooth!

What’s wrong with your tooth?

“It’s coming out, I need to go to the dentist so they can give me a new tooth because mine is falling out and I need a new tooth. Please Mom, daddy cant see me like this”.

What exactly do you say to that?

Wait what I mean come on what would be the most rational thing to say? Well in this case it’s my daughter so I am still kind of lost for words bare with me. Okay I got it lets call daddy, did anyone else catch that I used daddy a cover because I got stuck. The look on his face was priceless because she insisted after I said lets call daddy to call him through facebook.

Kids and Technology what are we going to do?

Losing Her Mind….

After talking to daddy she was in such a frantic state I didnt know what to say other than it will be okay sweetie. Did that make her feel better?

Nope, so what now?

Okay dad we’re gonna call you back. (Put my girl pants on) Okay look zani I have a story for you.

When we are little people we tend to lose our teeth it’s all a part of growing up. You may have lost this little guy buy you will have a new friend pretty soon.


So finally we have gotten to a point where she does in fact understand the process somewhat from how I explained it, Zuri shared her version as well. I am sad because I was so excited about taking birthday pictures but now our friend is gone. Oh well thats for a late post but welcome 5. Anyway I think she kind of liked zuri’s version better than mine but hey she’s not crying or having a tantrum so I think we are good for now.


We lost a tooth what can be more fun. Now we gotta wait for the tooth fairy to come.

Zoiis Labor and Delivery Story

My Story…

Surviving My Pregnancy…

When I first found that I would become a mom again I was ecstatic on the outside but scared and nervous on the inside which to me is a common feeling. Mainly because it had been years since my husband and I had a child and now we were starting over. Although I didn’t have the most common symptoms woman have I would have to say that my pregnancy was fairly easy. I did have this weird thing though where I would wake up like in the early a.m. Mom’s I’m talking about maybe 2, 3 a.m, not getting any sleep and being a mom by day. I thought maybe it just was the pregnancy that was making this happen. Sure enough it was after I had my daughter my sleeping pattern went back to normal.

Weird Right?

Shifting Into Reality.

Around this time was when it really kicked in and I said to myself “I’ve got this I’m going to be a mom and rock this thing”.So we started moving in full gear to get ready for the baby. To see a person inside of you makes time itself stand still and for that moment your just frozen with joy and the comfort of knowing your little one will be here soon.

Name Games.

Okay when it comes to names I feel like my husbands name picking is off the wall. Prior to having my third daughter, we had 2 daughters prior. Our first daughters name was Zuri, I chose this name because it meant “beautiful” and I thought it was beautiful for a girl different and unique. Now this was before the name Zuri had blown up and become a popular baby girl name. When we had our second daughter and we were trying to find names, I was told that no matter boy or girl they had to have the same letter name. So for instance if I had a daughter named amelia, my second daughters name would have to be anna. The A’s are the obeservational focus here.

So anyway we went back and forth about baby names for a while all starting with yes, you know what the letter “Z”. We did narrow it down to about 3 names and I was determined to get my name through the cracks. “Zanovia, Zara, Zoey”, my husband wasn’t a fan of Zanovia and so we moved on.

We’re down to 2 Zara and Zoey and then I ask my sister in law what would be a good name. She’s like really into that sort of stuff she strives to be different in her own way. So she says she call me back and when she does she says Zanai. Where did that name come from it was her name and a Z in the front it was cool yet subtle it. My husband loved it and so goodbye Zara, and Zoey hello Zanai.

I know it can be confusing and it seems odd but when we got the news that we were having a girl I stuck with the decision to name her yet another “Z”. I finally gave in and let my husband name her with a twist of mine. Zoii with double II’s its simply different but a surprise.

Going Into Labor?

This was a normal day when I got up and went about my normal day. I got the kids up for daycare and school, I got ready for work and out the door we went. I got to work early and I was in a good mood and then later on I had starting having these pains. I wasn’t really sure what the pains were from but I pushed through until I could anymore. My seat was in the front of the building and my managers were all the way in the back.

Imagine that!

I managed to walk all the way to a coworkers cubicle and I was talking to her and she asked me if I was okay. I generally have a high tolerance for pain and so the pains would come and go and so I replied with a “Yes”. That’s when it happened, that contraction so painful it stopped me in mid conversation. Now my anxiety is kicking and I’m like oh my god I think i’m in Labor!

My managers come rushing and they were so awesome they made sure I was comfortable until my husband came. We finally get to the hospital and my mind is racing by the minute. Now were in the room thinking maybe it’s a false alarm, i get the exam.

Your 4 cm Dialated and She’s Coming!

Welcome Baby Zoii!

In less than 4 hours in what felt like forever I finally gave birth to my 3 daughter a beautiful baby girl. I seems like it was just yesterday when I looked at her for the first time. I relive that warm beautiful feeling every time I look at her.

Time To Go Home.

Baby Zoii got to come home after anxiously awaiting her arrival

Now I’m going to be a gentle in what I say but I cannot tell you how ready I was to get out of the hospital. I was starting to feel that I had been there for forever and I was ready to take my baby home to introduce her to the family. Being a 3x mom I had seen enough hospitals and I was so over the hospital food. So when I was asked are you ready to go I asked the nurse if she had a pen so that I could sign my paper work for discharge.

And So We Were Headed For Home!

Sharing Time…

We would love to hear about you own labor story and journey so please tag us in your labor post. Labor posts are always different yet beautiful because a journey is a journey non the less.

Hair Care for Biracial Babies | Kids

Hair Care For Biracial Babies| Kids

In this blog you will find:

  • What exactly is biracial hair
  • Manageability
  • Maintenance
  • Products

I know as Moms we strive to be the best we can be in all things. When it comes to hair we sometimes fall short. There are so many products and choices out there for “Natural Hair”, but which one should you choose?

I myself have been in a constant battle with this for quite some time reaching out to moms, trying new products. It wasn’t until recently that I came across a product that I fell in love with and that worked miracles for my girls.

What exactly is biracial?

Biracial is just simply a term utilize here and now in society in which refers to two races.

How can you manage your little ones hair

When it came to my little ones hair I was kind of up in the clouds I had no idea as to where I should start first and so I asked around. People would gives me tips and tricks that would work for them and so I managed to get myself a list and it works wonders.

Stick To This Regime and Your Cant Go Wrong.

  • Wash There 2x A Week
  • Detangle After Every Wash
  • Utilize conditioner I recommend the leave in conditioner (use daily)
  • If dry, wet hair and apply moisturizer
  • Apply your favorite Products for styling

I would also recommend that you check out this post on pinterest for some awesome regime ideas as well.

What are some good products for biracial hair?

I myself do believe that there are hair products that were made mainly for biracial hair and there is always someone coming out with something. That neither here nor there chceck out some of my suggestions and leave a comment if they work for you.

  • Not you mothers
  • Shea Moisture
  • Carols Daughter
  • Cantu

Now remember cruelty free is always the way to go when looking for products because I don’t know about you but I would rather have my product tested in a human vs. animal. The “Not you mother” line produces products that are first tested on humans. Not that it;’s mandatory because everyone has there own preference, simply just letting you guys in on what I look for.

Not sure which product to use?

We all face this problem and I have come across a product that I am excited about and have constantly been ranting over. I want to be clear this may not work for everyone but it works for me and this proud mama bear is going to share my secret with you.

This whole line in just indescribable I love that they are all natural.

Now as I said this works for my girls and I love it, the smell is wonderful but if your still undecided I would check out this blog to learn more about this product. Research is always a good method to go about this I mean as moms where would we be if we didn’t research.

Check out this awesome blog below to learn more.

I hope this has really helped you and I look forward to sharing more with you.