Growing Up 1

I cant even begin to tell you the week that I had, so recently zoii turned 1 and I feel like my world just flipped upside down. To me I kind of felt like where did time go, dammit she is getting older which means i’m getting older. Now that her birthday has come and gone i feel a little more relaxed about it. I always get really anxious around birthdays but that’s just me.

Now that she is 1 I am anxious all over again now not because she is one but because this is where its starts to get tricky. You can expect your baby to be in a whole mess of things, your home will never be the same. If you expected to keep a clean house with a baby I wouldn’t bank on it.

What should you do?

  • Baby Proof
  • Replace Everything
  • Glass Removal
  • Lock Up Cabinets

Baby Proof:

If you haven’t already I would baby proof everything if you like me then you are also covering the table corners as well. In reality you have to see it for what it is that nothing is safe at this point.

Replace Everything:

When I say replace everything I simply mean that if you may have items that are close to the floor I would advise you to move them higher. To babies anything and everything is something wonderful and colorful, but they do not know better and so you always have to be aware.

Glass Removal

I for one am not for glass I don’t like i nor do I keep it in my home for fear that my kids might knock it over and break it. I tend not to do things that I know will make me uneasy, buying glassware for me is not necessary. If you don’t want it broken then I suggest you put it out of your child’s reach. Sometimes putting it up higher is okay but I would not recommend it.

Lock Up

This is an absolute must and if your a mom when you get to lock you cabinets it’s a sign that you have reached another milestone. If your like me and keep your cleaning supplies under your sink than this is for you. I would strongly urge that when you baby proof your cabinet you make sure that they are really shut and locked.

Almost One

I remember when my oldest children were one and it was not as hard as my third. We are now approaching the glorious number 1.

In the beginning everything seemed to be going great and according to plan. Now here we are just weeks away from one and my daughter has developed different habits that drive me nuts.

  • Wanting to be carried all the time
  • Constantly whining
  • Tantrums on and off
  • Trouble sleeping

I’m not sure what this is about but I’m sure that it can be fixed. Most moms experience things such as these but they handle them differently. Obviously because we are all different.

Carry Me

My daughter has always been a loner she plays with her sisters of course. However on the other hand she tends to stay to herself relaxing while she watches her shows. As of late she has been crying a lot more. When I walk into the room she begins to cry and reach for me. When I pick her up she simply just wants to be held 24/7. Th is is not a good idea by far, so i let her crawl instead as I sit in the floor playing with her. This will eliminate the want to be constantly held and also helps her engagement and interaction.

Consistantly Crying

Zoii has never been big on the whole crying scene. As of late all of that has gone out the window. You know the sitting on my lawn whole ordeal. She crys on and off constantly throughout the day and there will literally nothing wrong. Of course you have to check for all the reasons she could be crying.

  • Hungry
  • Thirsty
  • Wet
  • Sleepy

No my zoii was nothing above she simply just wanted to have her loud outbursts alone. It’s all funny really when you see it first hand.

Imagine sitting in the room watching elmo and she just starts to cry. She never makes eye contact but rather looks as if she is watching a sad movie of some sort. I dont really know how to describe it other than that.


I normally get tantrums around the time that she has to get dressed. As if she doesnt want to or simply just wants to give me a hard time. Sometimes it’s hard to tell but I never rule out both. It seems as though no is majority of my vocabulary now.

Sleeping Problems

At first I couldnt get my little one to sleep and now it has become a bigger issue. It basically got better before it got worst if that makes sense. Now she goes right to sleep but the problem is that her sleep at night is consistent with her afternoon. Meaning she only sleep for a couple of hours and then she wakes up cries out the blue and back to sleep. Call me crazy if I think it weird.

I am seeing a great deal of change and not that there are bad but challenging. So many of these issues can easily be fixed but it is a preference of mom.

Have you ever experienced anything like this with your little one?