Embracing Separation Anxiety In Kids

I literally get this all the time why cant you go to work at a 9-5. Not that its anyone else’s concern. I will fill you in on a day and life of me, with 5 year old attached to me at the hip. It doesnt get any closer than this.

Believe you me I didn’t think that this was reall until it happened to me. Typical, right I know we all say that at least about one thing.

What is Seperation Anxiety

Normally referred to a condition in which a child  develops and sense of fear and nervousness when they are away from home.

Signs of Seperation

Some of the signs that we may see will appear to come off as crazy and absurd but to a child the reason in valid.

  • Clingyness
  • Extreme or Sever Crying
  • Refusing To Do Things As An Individual
  • Violent Temper Tantrums
  • Refusal To Go To School
  • Failure To Interact In A Healthy Manner With Other Kids

My Experience

My daughter tends to throw tantrums. Not just any tantrum but she really goes in for destruction and literally becomes sick from crying. Normal of course not, at first when the crying began I thought it was simply her not getting her way but we soon saw this to be untrue as well. She will never leave my side if I am around then you better bet she is not that far behind. She refuses to go to school. When she was attending school she would cry and scream for hour yes hours. I didnt know what to do so we seeked help. So now I am a stay at home mom that homeschools my 5 year old. I dont mind spending time with her but half way through your going to be a little overwhelmed. How do you prevent that from happening.

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In most cases the over all method would be to utilize what is called therapy or the other term known as psychological counseling. This process allows for your child work with a therapist to reduce seperation anxiety.


Does anyone else deal with seperation anxiety. How do you get through it.

Mommy The Night Owl

So let me just start off by saying I’m really not sure as to why I am up. I am no where near sleepy which is slightly odd but not a big thing. I do wonder do other moms experience this crazy nights of less sleep. Maybe it’s not common amongst woman and or men but hey I cant speak for everyone. For a minute there I had this thought that maybe it could be insomnia but then I just rid myself of that idea.


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It is a widely used term that refers to persistent problems falling and staying asleep. In most cases people who do in fact have insomnia may not feel like they get enough sleep in the least bit.

What Are Some Causes

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • just plain poor sleep habits

This list also shows the most common problems that both an woman deal with today. We all have experienced one or more. What does that mean exactly nothing, that’s what it means. Everything does not call for a label and or medication, maybe you just need to focus on what could be causing you to lose sleep. What ever the case may be I simply just cannot get back to sleep and so because this has been happening more often then I would like. I thought of things that I can do at night while my family is asleep.

Night Owl Activities

When you are the only one up at night after a while you start to think to yourself maybe I can train myself to get back into the swings of things. You know maybe get your schedule back on track, but no such luck. When that doesn’t work out what do you do exactly, fun activities you got it.

So here are some of the fun productive things that I like to do while the family is sleeping.

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  • Work On My Blog
  • Build Websites
  • Printables
  • Podcasts
  • Read A Book
  • Watch A Movie
  • Research
  • Pinterest

I know it may sound boring but to me it is quite time consuming and helps time fly past for me. It actually works in my favor because when my kids are up and about it becomes a tad bit harder to concentrate. Specially when your a mother or father to more than one child.

Is There Help

In most cases there is help without even visiting a physician the all natural way. Tea yes tea I know what you thinking but tea helps to calm the body down making it easier for you to get to sleep. Other wise you will simply just be tossing and turning and then your anxiety levels will go up. So lets get up and get relaxed so we can get back to a peaceful nights rest.

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What Now

Well the answer to that is simple I am going to find one of the awesome things on my list that I can work on while I have a vast amount of free time. Working on things on your own time also gives you piece of mind and you don’t have to constantly worry. Like ask yourself questions such as why am I stressed or depressed,etc. How can I fix this, what options do I have? This is not one of those huge issues where you want to go screaming for the hills, this is something that will in fact pass but until then we can share our crazy wacky late night hobbies.

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Are you one of those moms or dads that have a very hard time getting to sleep. If show please share your story with us we would love to know the fun things you do when you cant sleep.