Tantrums| Not In My House Hija

We are in that phase mama where you tell your toddler no and she literally has a moment of weakness. She simply cannot understand why she can’t do what she wants. I am okay with that but when she starts being extra now we have a problem.

Upgraded Motions

Zoii has been throwing her little tantrums for a period of time now that she is 1 and walking. Today I saw something new from her. Drinking juice in the living room she began to spill it. So what is your first instinct because mine is I don’t want to be stuck cleaning up spilled juice. So mommy took it, yes but that doesn’t make me a bad person. Zoii looked at me and the n she tuned up like one of those old fire fighter trucks back in time. She looked at me mama’s not budging on this sorry hon. No lie she instantly stopped crying and turned to me and slapped me.

She did what?

Yes she slapped mama, I looked at my husband and I said did you see that? I mean I was in complete shock. Maybe because my other girls never did this they common crying of course but hitting nope. I looked at her we have eye contact, I took to fingers and taped her little hands.

Disciplined capital “D”

I know some parents may be against spanking, popping but I learned from my previous mistakes. My 7 year old grew up fast and before I knew it she was mouth all mighty tongue everlasting. Me and my husband were like oh we don’t want to spank our kids. The reason being we used to get spankings when we were little.(its not uncommon just not spoken of openly) I mean who wants that, but I’ve come to realization that from those spanking I learned a valuable lesson. Stop Being Dumb, you get spankings for dumb things so the only solution would be to stop doing them. My daughter was living proof or lacking discipline. Yes I was that mouthy kids mom but that ship quickly sailed.

Don’t Prejudge Me

This is what I believe to be true but I do believe that discipline is a Must when it comes to your children. You can only take but so much, so I stopped feeling bad for popping my kids hands or spanking them. Only when it is needed, like if I told you a billion times not to do something. Then when you get in trouble you expect there to be no consequences.

That’s Just Down Right Bananas.

Raise sweet little humans, mine are from Mars

I do understand that you want you child to behave and yes it starts with you. It takes a village to raise a child or at least that is what I was raised on. The outcome of this would be that enstilling certain traits and behaviors in our littles now could mean less problems in motherhood, parenthood later on down the line.

Think about it, what type of forms of discipline do you use for tantrums?

YogA Bound

Dear Yoga I’m A Fan,

For the longest time I have always wanted to do yoga. I suppose I was my own greatest enemy in this. Every time I would think about starting up again, I would tell myself little untruths. They would go a little something like the kids will never let you do it, when would you have the time, you should probably learn meditation first…..

So many times this has stopped me from doing what I want to do. I suffer from anxiety and so yoga is an outlet for me and another way for me to express myself through movement.

What Now?

Now I have given this much thought and the time is now. I mean what am I waiting for exactly? I’m just waisting time instead of bettering myself and my health.

Reality Check

As I am sitting here getting my thoughts together and anxiously waiting for the app to download. At this point I don’t know what to expect and so I just wait. By the way for those of you who are waiting for the app I am definately sharing. Yea it’s that good, it’s called Do You.

Inspire Yourself

I am super excited to start this. I know that it may be hard at first but I am my own worst enemy and best motivator. As long as I keep pushing forward and doing hat matters to me as well I can accomplish it all.

I put my plan into motions and I started reaching out to some of the moms. You can always find yoga moms on instagram. Inspiring other moms that you can be fit, calm, motivated, and mom. This one profile in particular that I follow is awesome and I love her good vibes. You can check her out @withlovemarisaa. I asked her abou it and she directed me to this app that she used when she started out. She was super nice and willing to help even though she didn’t know me from a can of peas.

This app even goes as far as letting you set up your own goals. As you can see I am simply just starting but I have chosen to do the beginners program. Follow the teachers as they provide you the guidance that you need. After completing this program I am going to venture onto another challenge.

Are you a Yoga Fan?

What is your favorite yoga pose?

Which pose would you recommend for a beginner?

Guilty Weekend Vacation

I know that as a mom I need time to myself but the question is, “Why is it so hard to enjoy it”. When I get time for me and put my mom status on vacation even if it’s for a brief moment it kills me.

Why you may ask because I am so used to hearing my kids run through the house and breathe life into it all around. When they are not around the house seems lonely and somewhat abandoned. My kids are a part of me and when they leave I do miss them a great deal.

Someone inve bashed me for allowing my children to go to their grandparents during the weekend. I thought to myself your a mom how can you judge me for doing what’s best for me. You simply cant all moms are different in more ways than one.

I soon realized that over a period of time that I had to come to realization that I matter to. Being able to focus on me helps me to be better, more patient, understanding, calm. Its everything that you need to feel in order for you to find peace.

So tonight is one if those nights at first there was 3 and now there is 2. I know you guys are saying that’s not a break. Oh but it is and when you have more then 1 you crave that me time.

So tonight is for me. It may sound cheesy but if I’m lucky I will get a weekend vacation this go round. My me time will be spent painting my home with my husband. Two birds one stone and I have just managed to spend quality time while having me time.

Who Knew.

Almost One

I remember when my oldest children were one and it was not as hard as my third. We are now approaching the glorious number 1.

In the beginning everything seemed to be going great and according to plan. Now here we are just weeks away from one and my daughter has developed different habits that drive me nuts.

  • Wanting to be carried all the time
  • Constantly whining
  • Tantrums on and off
  • Trouble sleeping

I’m not sure what this is about but I’m sure that it can be fixed. Most moms experience things such as these but they handle them differently. Obviously because we are all different.

Carry Me

My daughter has always been a loner she plays with her sisters of course. However on the other hand she tends to stay to herself relaxing while she watches her shows. As of late she has been crying a lot more. When I walk into the room she begins to cry and reach for me. When I pick her up she simply just wants to be held 24/7. Th is is not a good idea by far, so i let her crawl instead as I sit in the floor playing with her. This will eliminate the want to be constantly held and also helps her engagement and interaction.

Consistantly Crying

Zoii has never been big on the whole crying scene. As of late all of that has gone out the window. You know the sitting on my lawn whole ordeal. She crys on and off constantly throughout the day and there will literally nothing wrong. Of course you have to check for all the reasons she could be crying.

  • Hungry
  • Thirsty
  • Wet
  • Sleepy

No my zoii was nothing above she simply just wanted to have her loud outbursts alone. It’s all funny really when you see it first hand.

Imagine sitting in the room watching elmo and she just starts to cry. She never makes eye contact but rather looks as if she is watching a sad movie of some sort. I dont really know how to describe it other than that.


I normally get tantrums around the time that she has to get dressed. As if she doesnt want to or simply just wants to give me a hard time. Sometimes it’s hard to tell but I never rule out both. It seems as though no is majority of my vocabulary now.

Sleeping Problems

At first I couldnt get my little one to sleep and now it has become a bigger issue. It basically got better before it got worst if that makes sense. Now she goes right to sleep but the problem is that her sleep at night is consistent with her afternoon. Meaning she only sleep for a couple of hours and then she wakes up cries out the blue and back to sleep. Call me crazy if I think it weird.

I am seeing a great deal of change and not that there are bad but challenging. So many of these issues can easily be fixed but it is a preference of mom.

Have you ever experienced anything like this with your little one?

Whoooooo’s Up

Guess who’s up again, this is beginning to be an ongoing thing. I would be telling an untruth if I said th at I am okay with this. At the same time I’m kind of wondering why am I up exactly? I never have the exact reason why, maybe it’s not for me to know but simply to go with the flow.

Night timefeels like a time to get away. Not for me because i’ve become a worry wart. I am starting to feel like now when I do wake up I feel so overwhelmed and uneasy. I dont know why that is either I dont have any extra stress other than the typical life issues but nothing to dwell on.

Believe in or not this is very common in woman. The anxiety part, and sometimes it can be overwhelming at times. All you can do is push through.

Now let’s be clear anxiety is not like oh she’s going to have a melt down. Of course not jeez, but how ironic is it that people really do have that perception of people with anxiety. I guess there’s a person for everyone. In this case that absolute crap and that is no where near the case.


Intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations.

This is me in a nutshell but then again who doesnt have things like this going on. You mean to tell me I’m the only one of course not. If people do endure things like this some choose to keep it a secret where as other like me would very much love to tell you my story.

Why is my little crying

Photo by Ba Phi on Pexels.com

So my youngest daughters has been having these outburst sometimes she will cry other times it just feel like she is yelling. I cant seem to figure out why at first I thought hey maybe she’s just teething, you know the typical things. Now that time has passed and the change in the weather she has a new reason to cry because now she is sick.

I absolutely hate and yes I know hate is a strong word but I really hate colds. I dont really get sick thank goodness for that but my girls do and then it’s time to become super mom.

Image result for kids with colds

What is the first thing that you do when your child gets sick. Everyone’s first reaction is to give them motrin, zarbees, and or tylenol. Then it’s the wonderful spontaneous trip to the pediatrician or aftercare.

Now this is where its gets semi complicated for me. I dont like hospitals or doctors offices but I understand the complex need for them. Medication for me is another downfall. On my end I dont like to take medication because although it claims to help it only causes issues later on down the line. In most cases things become overlooked because it’s the easiest way. Why not try natural remedies to help you depending on what you have.

For that we all know where to go pinterest am I right. Or we tend to do research so that we can better understand for ourselves as to what can and will work.

But first lets have Tea

You see pinterest is like a platform for all the amazing wonderful things the world has to offer. People like me use it more often than others just to find different things. No I dont just search for natural remedies, gosh.

So what would be some good natural remedies for just a change in the weather common cold

  • Ginger
  • Tea
  • Peppermint
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Onions


Just wait and hear me out about the onion don’t get your layers in a bunch. When I was a little person and I used to get colds I would take a long tube sock and put an onion inside. Call it weird but the onion actually helps with the fever almost like a magnet.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Everything else is just natural and the most commonly used by people in general when you get a cold. In my opinion yes this is just simply me saying well I prefer natural over anything, any day. The risks of having a cup of tea has less health risks. Now if you are really sick and it’s not a common cold then you should take your good old doctors advice.

So because my daughter has a cold i am going to give here little noses to help bring her fever down, wrap an onion around her little leg (not too tight), and give her some green tea to soothe her. I know everyone does things differently but if something works for not just you but your family as a whole I say go for it.


When your little gets sick what do you. What is your routine?

Breaks Vs. Divorce

Photo by burak kostak on Pexels.com

Which is Best

Sometimes we get to that point where we may in fact need to make a concious decision as to whether or not we want to be together. Some people may think that relationship are fairy tales but that may only be because reality hasn’t hit yet. In other words every couple has there problems but it is the decisions that we make that will determine our fate. Being married makes it no longer about you kind of like when you become a mom it’s about your kids, same concept.

What it means to take a “break”

Normally in marriages the term is referred to as that you and your partner have not officially broken up, however you have decided to take some time away from everyone and your relationship.

How long should we take a break

No one ever knows how long the break will last for, it solely depends upon the partners. Based on what you may be going through you and your partner should sit down and discuss a time frame that you both can agree on. if this is not something that you can do at this time give it a week or so and then reach back out or discuss at a later date.

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

Look At It From His Perspective

To woman breaks can mean a variety of things especially if you are in an unhealthy emotional state. Men however look at it as just some time to chill and relax to get their thoughts together. He needs time to sort things out on his own and it won’t happen while you are together. There is no time to think or deal with the problems while your ignoring them.

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

Reunite or No

In some cases couples tend not to get back together if after a break they don’t see any possible way of this working. Just keep in mind that although you may claim to be changed or that things will be different doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get back together. Some things just were not meant to be and there is something better in store for you.

Do breaks help

Although this method is very healthy in a relationship, it does not really lead to break up. It actually has potential to strenghthen your relationship. The reason for taking a break are almost infinite sometimes it is the best choice.

What are your thoughts

I want to know what are your thoughts on breaks as it pertains to relationships and marriage?

Tired and frustrated - is it okay to take a break from marriage, my husband? What I learned

Healthy Eating Styles

Here You Will Find

  • What Are Some Different Types of Diets
  • What Are Good Eating Habits
  • What Are 5 Healthy Habits
  • The Disadvantages of Eating Styles
  • What is Folate

Have you ever thought that maybe you want to better yourself so that you can become a better you. Some people dwell on this but never really start, in order to be healthy it starts with taking care of yourself. Believe it or not it actually starts with what we consume and put into our bodies. There is a great deal of healthy eating styles around but picking one that is most beneficial to you can be tricky. Some of the eating styles may be but not limited to

  • Ketogenic (Keto)
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Vegan diet.

And Many More

Most Popular


This is a high fat, protien, low carb diet in which enforces you body to burn fats rather than carbs. Great for losing weight as long as you stick to the plan.

There are however downsides to this as well, keto is still a fairly new diet and is still being researched but as of right now The disadvantages are not well thought of.  


Although this choice may be perfect for you, you still have to consider the long term damge of subjecting your body to this. Keto can potentially cause kidney damage, nutritional deficiencies. The side effects consists of constipation, dehydration, fatigue and nausea.

Veggie Please

Simply a practice to stay away from meat and products that my be “Animal Slaughter”. Some people choose this journey because they do believe that animals have the right to live as well.

If you're wondering how to go vegetarian but don't know where to start, this post is for you! These beginner-friendly tips will help you become a vegetarian and stick to it for the long-run. Learn how to go vegetarian the healthy way by slowly making changes to your diet and incorporating more plant-based protein into your meals. You'll also find tips for navigating social situations and holiday gatherings. Click through for all 20 tips and check out my other posts about going vegetarian.

Down Sided Lettuce

Lacking Sufficient Supply Of

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Protien
  • Iodine
  • Vitamin B12

All should be checked on a regular basis, this diet is also more costly depending on the varied type of diet you may have become accustom to. The hardest part of this equation is the meat as you are much more prone to have a harder time.

Vegan Love

A practice of not utilizing animal products within the diet and rejects the consumption of animals. This is more so if a plant based diet. I actually tried this particular eating style some things were not my cup of tea but then other were. It was a very enjoyable journey but it just wasn’t for me.

Low Balled Grass

This diet lacks in pertinent vital nutrients, being as though this diet excludes all meat and animal products it’s going to have a downfall at one point of another.

This Diet Lacks

  • Calcium
  • Omega 3
  • B-12
  • Folate

What is Folate

I know this may not be a very common term utilize in our society of well should I say our group of friends dont feel bad if you don’t know what it means. I am one of those people that had to do vast research to understand this so you are not alone.

It is determined to be a salt or ester of folic acid.

Image result for folate definition

Good Eating Habits

  • Stock up on more fruits, low fat dairy products (low fat everything), vegetables, and whole grain
  • Try to eat together like a family meal as much as possible (Share the recipes)
  • Buy a healthy recipe book or just search pinterest for clean eating recipes

The Selections Are Endless

Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle

We all say hey we are going to become healthy and actually make a difference but somewhere along the line we lose sight of that. Lets maintain the initial goal and go for green, once you get into the groove of things everything else will fall into place.

5 Healthy Habits For A Better You

  • Smoking Is Bad For Your Health (Ditch Them)
  • Weight: You want to make sure that the weight you are losing will still bring you to a healthy weight. Being underweight is not healthy and should be avoided, remember we are reaching our goal weight because we want to be healthy for ourselves.
  • Exercise: This is a very important component being as though if you are trying to lose weight it makes up of 30% of your weight loss journey. So let’s get fit even if it for 30 minutes a day.
  • Eating a healthy diet: Choose the diet plan that’s most beneficial to you. (Individual Project)

How About You

I am eager to know the type of eating style habit you have chosen to do and why. Have you had any luck with this diet if so for how long have you been doing this. Share your story below in the comments.

The Inevitable Fight

The struggle with kids is that when they are smaller they are like best friends with no care in the world except having there sibling there to play with and spend as much time as possible. Sadly to say that as they get older I wouldn’t use the term “become distant” but there interests will change. Causing emotional up’s and downs from siblings feeling as though they are being mistreated due to the sibling wanting to do there own thing. This can be a huge problem if not addressed because in some cases it can lead to fighting , arguments, etc. We don’t want that, so lets figure out a way to fix it.

In This Blog Your Will Find

Ways To Prevent Your Kids From Fighting

How To Stop Before Starting

Preventing problems like these can be simple if you don’t make them bigger than what they are. Preventing altercations between your children and addressing the issue can provide a teaching moment.

We Can Learn From The Mistakes That We Make and Live To Fight Another Day For We Are Warriors.


The method here is simple check out these neat ways for prevention.

  • Don’t compare your children under and circumstances
  • Give Lots of Individual Time
  • Keep Your Kids Occupied
  • Allow Them Personal Space
  • A Non Hungry Child Is A Happy One
  • Don’t Give Your Oldest Authority Over The Younger Sibling
  • Lead By Example


Believe it or not some parents sometimes compare there children, whether they unknowingly realize or flat out just don’t care. This is not a good idea to do because then you may make your children feel as though they have to be in competition with the other. Which down the line could result in an even bigger problem causing a rift between your children.

Individual Time

Despite what others may think there is a thing such as group time it’s just not an everyday event for your kids. Think about it this way everyday would you want to do things daily with your siblings or would you want one on one time with your parents? I would choose one on one time that’s the same feeling for a child. Children need that one on one time with their parents away from other siblings.

Occupied Much

Make sure that you keep your children busy specially if they are busy bodies who like to constantly move around. Having a task for them to do will allow them to focus on something that they may very well enjoy as a solo or partner activity.

Personal Space You Say

Everyone and I mean everyone needs personal space, I’ve often heard moms says you don’t have personal space. Well don’t you, that’s just simply not cool sometimes kids just want to be kids and do their own thing. I allow my girls to have there personal space (Although it’s normally spent doing workbooks, my daughter loves school).

Tummy Rumble

This is no game I know this can be a stressful situation for moms, dads, and siblings. When a child is hungry they are hungry it’s kind of like one of those ASAP moments and you go from being on your time to theirs in half a second. It’s nit rocket science we can avoid all of the mood swing action and tantrums by staying ahead of the game. Schedules are our friends and utilizing them is the best thing we can do as parents, yes lets get dad involved.


Authority Not Your Mama

This is something worth paying attention to when we have older siblings depending on the age we put them in charge of their siblings. This is a no go because in a sense you are giving them power over the other. No child should have that type of power to tell another child what to do.

I Am My Own Person In Which I Should Be Treated Accordingly.


It Starts With You

I know you have all heard the term to lead by example this is a real thing people. I understand that we are all creatures of habit but when you have children you become the center of their focus. What you do they will too, so let’s keep in mind what we do and say.

ADHD and Me

Being a mom is hard but being a Mom with ADHD is even harder. I am a Mom with ADHD, Married to a man with ADHD, and have 2 princesses with ADHD. This is extremely hard and chaotic at times managing and keeping up. However it is possible to manage being a mom with ADHD .


Also referred to as attention deficit disorder as it pertains to that of a chronic condition in which a person may have attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

A mom with ADHD can edure a variety of different things such as the inability to sit still , losing track of their things, and staying on top of things.

This is not something that we as moms should be ashamed of. Over a period of time we have learned to deal with these barricades, we develop methods as to hos to achieve goals despite theses shortcomings. We all need help from time to time and don’t worry I will help you.


Moms with ADHD cannot accept boring like boring task on an everyday basis can become exhausting to us. When we have to do task such as these it becomes unbearable, the type of things moms like us would stay away from.

Systems Are Life

Developing systems can be really beneficial and can really help, when you develop a system that is beneficial and created by you it really becomes easy and enjoyable to do.

Say for instance I am not a stickler when it comes to laundry but very picky at times in the order in which I do them. I do what works for me, so laundry is done on fridays, I tend to wash the girls clothes first, then mine and my husbands.

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Beneficial Habits

Developing habits can be useful but hard so start with one at a time. Establish a habit and start small, for instance making your bed. This will help you and teach you children a good habit as well.

Strategies for You

I know this may be had being as though you little ones come first but you must find a way to help you focus in your day to day life. I utilize color coding to help me accomplish my goals and stay on track. When I write a list i use a variety of colors always consistent with my tasks on a daily basis.

You Matter Too

Sometimes strategies can be tedious and you need to throw something in the mix to give you that extra umph. Listening to music while you get tasks done can be a motivational inspiration to keep you going.

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

The Natural Way

Most people would prefer not to be on medication and believe that they can manage their ADHD by themselves. This is very well possible when you do your research. I utilize melatonin to help me relax and wind down because sometimes it is hard for me to get to sleep. It comes in different textures and can be found mixed with epsom salt for baths.

Dr. Teals has a very good line and the have both the liquid for as well as the epsom salt reasonably priced I might add.

I’m a stickler for savings! Check Out These Amazon Raves!

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Target or Amazon and receive no compensation, kickback, free product or services from mentioning or linking to their products.

Food For Thought

Being a mom can be overwhelming especially when you have ADHD and so it is best to find somethings that will benefit you and help you be a calm mom. What are somethings that help you with you ADHD as a Mom?