Breastfeeding Yes or No?

This has always been a great debate as to whether a mother should breast feed her child or the alternative way formula. Although there is nothing awrong with formula, In fact this is what I chose for my daughters. It wasn’t so much my choice a I had no choice in the matter I couldn’t produce milk. In some cases this may be the underlying issue or maybe some moms just want what they want.

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In This Blog You Will Find:

  • What is Breastfeeding?
  • Should I Breastfeed Yes or No?
  • What Are The Benefits of Breastfeeding?
  • Disadvantages of Breastfeeding


The name says it all but what exactly is breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding, also referred to as nursing, is the feeding of babies not to exclude young children with milk from a woman’s breast. 

Is Breastfeeding Right For ME?

Breastfeeding is a choice in which moms make because studies have shown that babies who are breastfed tend to be healthier and smarter. Many health organization prefer that babies are breastfed as newborns. Breast milk should only be given for up to 6 months but moms have the choice to breastfeed until they make the decision to stop. (Although this is not recommended). The longer you baby breastfeeds the harder it will be to get them to switch to a bottle.

Benefits of Breastfeeding.

The benefits for breastfeeding are of great importance this is what makes moms make the choice as to whether they should stick to the natural way or introduce your baby to formula. I must say that I do believe that babies do benefit from breastfeeding more but then again all babies are different.


As Well As:

  • Protects against allergies and eczema
  • Less stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea,
  • Reduces the risk of viruses, infections
  • Lessens the risk of SIDS.

Advantages Cont…

  • When you breastfeed it provides your baby with a wide variety of developmental and health benefits
  • It has been discovered that woman who breastfeed tends to recover from childbirth quicker than women who choose not to breastfeed. (Breastfeeding benefits are reducing the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.
  • Convenient how you can supply your baby with milk at the correct temperature for consumption. No need for those pesky bottles that take forever to make you have everything on hand literally.
  • You can feed you baby pumped milk

Breastfeeding for Mommy and Me

But don’t worry it only gets better from here trust . The advantages are just as great when it comes to building a bond with your baby by just breastfeeding.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Of course there are always disadvantages but does that bad outweigh the good in this case maybe not let’s take a look at the disadvantages of breastfeeding.

But First Something People Don’t Tell You

Breastfeeding Can Be Painful


In some cases you will have to deal with some of the uncomfortable common effects that comes with  breastfeeding. These include things like breast engorgement, plugged milk ducts, and sore nipples. If you can overcome this then you are good to go.

This is not to scare you off or to make you feel uncomfortable, this is to prepare you for what is to come. Check this out (Remedies for Breastfeeding)


  • Clingy
  • Breastfeeding Can Be Painful
  • Your Partner is Helpless
  • Can Be Difficult In The Beginning
  • You Have To Stay Healthy


When you start breastfeeding you cant stop you have to keep pushing through and now you child has their hearts set on it. Never letting go so that officially makes you an on call mom. You have to always be nearby in case you little one wakes up and wants a feeding. In the beginning this can be very tedious being as though you have to feed every 3 hours vs. 6.

Breastfeeding Can Be Painful

When you breast feed sometimes your breast become engorged and you nipples will become very tender, this could cause a great deal of discomfort.

Helpless Partner

Being as though your partner lacks that special thing when it comes to feeding time don’t be discouraged, breastfeeding in a sense is a mothers way of bonding. There are other ways in which the partners can help. Check out this nifty blog for dads and breastfeeding.

Can Be Difficult In The Beginning

In beginning with everything going on and the changes that your body is enduring,your body is tired and exhausted it can be hard to breastfeed. Some babies are not able to latch on immediately and after a while of trying you may get discouraged.

Live Healthy

You have to constantly keep asking yourself is this healthy for my baby. Literally, think of it as what you eat you baby eat. I mean you wouldn’t feed you baby a big mac right? Clean eating is also an option to keep you on the right path.

Check This Out

Is Breastfeeding Right For You

Breastfeeding is not for everyone and it’s not something that you just dive into without doing your research and I’m here to help you. The decision is yours and no matter what you choose we are behind you the whole way.