Why is my little crying

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So my youngest daughters has been having these outburst sometimes she will cry other times it just feel like she is yelling. I cant seem to figure out why at first I thought hey maybe she’s just teething, you know the typical things. Now that time has passed and the change in the weather she has a new reason to cry because now she is sick.

I absolutely hate and yes I know hate is a strong word but I really hate colds. I dont really get sick thank goodness for that but my girls do and then it’s time to become super mom.

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What is the first thing that you do when your child gets sick. Everyone’s first reaction is to give them motrin, zarbees, and or tylenol. Then it’s the wonderful spontaneous trip to the pediatrician or aftercare.

Now this is where its gets semi complicated for me. I dont like hospitals or doctors offices but I understand the complex need for them. Medication for me is another downfall. On my end I dont like to take medication because although it claims to help it only causes issues later on down the line. In most cases things become overlooked because it’s the easiest way. Why not try natural remedies to help you depending on what you have.

For that we all know where to go pinterest am I right. Or we tend to do research so that we can better understand for ourselves as to what can and will work.

But first lets have Tea

You see pinterest is like a platform for all the amazing wonderful things the world has to offer. People like me use it more often than others just to find different things. No I dont just search for natural remedies, gosh.

So what would be some good natural remedies for just a change in the weather common cold

  • Ginger
  • Tea
  • Peppermint
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Onions


Just wait and hear me out about the onion don’t get your layers in a bunch. When I was a little person and I used to get colds I would take a long tube sock and put an onion inside. Call it weird but the onion actually helps with the fever almost like a magnet.

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Everything else is just natural and the most commonly used by people in general when you get a cold. In my opinion yes this is just simply me saying well I prefer natural over anything, any day. The risks of having a cup of tea has less health risks. Now if you are really sick and it’s not a common cold then you should take your good old doctors advice.

So because my daughter has a cold i am going to give here little noses to help bring her fever down, wrap an onion around her little leg (not too tight), and give her some green tea to soothe her. I know everyone does things differently but if something works for not just you but your family as a whole I say go for it.


When your little gets sick what do you. What is your routine?