The toddler Stroller Mystery Revealed

Have you ever run into a curb literally with a stroller?. well that would make 2 of us possibly more but hey who is counting. When I had my 3rd daughter my husband and I were given a stroller by family which was okay because we saved money and it was a good stroller. Not even a year and a half old but still manages as if it were brand new. Of course I didn’t expect this to happen an that I would be here looking for a stroller, here and now. Somewhere along the line the wheels began to lock up although they were not which totally through me through a hoop. For goodness sakes I can hear the machine asking me debit or credit. That extra step where they want more would you like cash back. I can see myself standing at the machine saying help me and stop suggesting. Strollers are pricey and it generally all depends on what you are looking for but just because they are specially made for. That doesn’t mean that another stroller which is considered basic can’t do. I know what you may be thinking we are in quarantine and this is very true but if you cant buy a stroller while helping the economy then what’s the point. Relax it’s mandatory for my sanity.

Make your lesson learned a reality

Back when I became a mom for the first time I was all for the easy and efficiant way to travel with a child. I became obsessed with the baby carriers because the strollers seemed to be to much of a fuss. They were big and bulky and not easily managed around corners or tight spaces. So I opted out and that when I realized I was oh so wrong. One day I went to go hang out at the mall for some quality time with mom and my little. Now any other mall I could have managed but she chose arundel mills. I was super excited about going to arundel mills because of the outlets and besides I was tired of being in the house. We arrive at the mall and as Im getting myself together I’m thinking like yes no stroller for me. I kept singing that exact tune all the way up until my dogs started barking, and my back started having spasms. Suddenly that whole me not having a stroller scenario to what the hell was I thinking. If it wasn’t torture enough that I was in agonizing pain to the point where I had to keep sitting down, my daughter didnt seem so light then (lol). If that wasn’t bad enough my mom was still shopping with me in the background giving dirty looks. So I guess I ruled out carriers from then on, when I had zoii I kept to this.

In this blog you will find

  • Umbrella Stroller ages
  • Umbrella stroller weight limit
  • Best umbrella stroller 2020

What makes umbrella stroller ages that different?

Now a days everything has a age limit to it and in this day and age not knowing could really cost you. Your are taking initiative and searching for a stroller let’s make sure it’s time well spent. Being as though my daughter is 1 now that really does not apply to me now. Let’s not stress over spilled milk if your a parent then you are either going through this. Some of us have already made the journey. when it comes to newborns we buy the strollers that appeal to us the most. Why is that because it has what you need of course the safety and protection that your child needs. I often hear some new moms discussing this in the baby aisles of stores in reference to prices. When it comes to something of this magnitude there simply is the factor of safety over money. Umbrella strollers should not be used with newborns in which is stating the obvious. I mean you wouldn’t walk our of the er and put your baby in an umbrella stroller. I need not say this but safety is a valid point. You could possibly start using the umbrella stroller around 4-6 months. Some moms may not even be comfortable with this which is very understandable. Being completely honest I don’t believe that umbrella strollers should be used until 1. Allowing you baby the ability to sit up rather than slouch.

Best Newborn Strollers 2020

Don’t worry in case you were in the market for a new stroller in 2020 I have you covered. Every now and again I tend to do investing into strollers for newborns and kids in general. It’s always good to see the updates that companies have made since 2020.

Fitness Mama

Baby Trend Pathway 35 Jogger Travel System, Optic Green

If your into staying fit even after your pregnancy. When there is a will the’s a way and they make jogging strollers with moms like you in mind. I commend the moms who can raise kids and stay actively fit. This stroller is posted with a price of between $180 – $340. This stroller is a great find and most of all beneficial to you.

Rating 4.5/5 Stars

Casual And Comfy

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with OnBoard 35 LT Infant Car Seat, Monument 2

There are strollers for mom who are not as athletic that just want and need a stroller for comfort on both ends. If you fall into this category don’t be ashamed because I have my comfy days to and work out occasionally as well. This stroller is lacking in one thing the inabilty to engage in fitness. Comfort standard met and priced reasonably between $150-$170.

Rating 4.5/5

Umbrella stroller weight limit

For most umbrella strollers the weight limit start at 35 lb and with that comes the sturdiness of the stroller itself. You want long term versus short it will save you money in the long run a well. The starting weight is very reasonable if you ask me but I still would not reccomend it for 3 to 4 months, this I am sure. The mount of weight will vary from place to place and some places even provide stoller’s up to 50 lbs.

Now with all that has happened with my stroller I am not looking for a stroller as of 2 days ago officially and that is a achievement I am proud to say. It was pure hell for me because initially I ordered from target , and can I just add I was in love with this stroller. I was like a kid waiting in the window to tackle the UPS guy. Yeah that was me the only problem here is that it never came. Little did I know target cancelled my order but put my other one through. trae bizzarre if you ask me, however I had the mind set that I’m not going to let this little problem fill up my swampers with rain so I pressed on. It’s funny how things come back around full circle I tried to stay away from target but I soon ran out of options. Being as though majority of people have been stuck at home or out and about at the stores getting things necessary like strollers. Many stores have run out and or lost count of inventory which is no fault of theirs.

Best Umbrella Strollers 2020

So as I was searching for a umbrella stroller for zoii I came across quite a few that were exactly what I wanted and at an awesome price. For me I was looking for something manegeable and non time consuming when unfolding. I am sort of a one hand mom and I love to multitask, so I always have to have a free hand. Comfy for my little one but sturdy enough to run errands, take walks, or just simply hang out mom or dad (1 on 1). Keep in mind that all of these strollers are between $100 – $200, even now its still a steal and the best part is that this stroller can grow with you child. Making you and the stroller section no longer friends you wont be seeing that aisle for quite some time. If you have double the trouble then your in luck I threw in a a double stroller under $200 bucks.

After the stroller storm there was open pavements

All in all after I was done pulling my hair from the online websites sending me in circles I got up early and set out on my adventure to find a stroller. It’s never the same when you are shopping online versus in stores. That comes with the territory of just ordering online because if it’s not right you have to jump through hoops to return items which sucks. After lurking in the walmart for all of 10 minutes which felt like 30 to an hour for s stroller no such luck. I still walked out empty handed but i still had hope. On to the next in which would be target for in store services. The stroller that I originally ordered off of target was about $185 plus tax, which I was okay with paying because I really needed and wanted this stroller. On a random day I walked in and found the exact same dream stroller for $99. I hit that crazy dancing lady meme in the aisle with not a care in the world.

Graco Modes 3 Lite Stroller Colton

This hot tamale here is worth all the fuss and more rated as one of the best by who mom’s that who. It is a great deal of awesomeness when other are able to help you and engage in stroller talk, I love it. Giving you a number of 5 different ways to travel in style.

What are some hurdles that you have had to overcome when it came to stroller, whether of not it be for a baby or toddler.

Finances at Dead Center

Okay lets talk about that one thing that we hate to talk about Finances. That one little thing that you know pretty much is a major part of our lives, i’ve always found it ironic that it has always been down played or frowned upon to discuss this. Hey what’s one bad apple out the bunch I going to address it.

As you know I am a stay at home mom of 3 wonderful girls so I have to be aware of the amount of money that is being spent within and outside of the necessities of what my family needs. What are the main necessities you might ask…

  • Shelter
  • Electric
  • Food
  • Water

Those are the main components on which we rely to support us and our families. So let’s get smart how would you map this all out. I would go for the main necessities first and pay them. Then I would break it down even further to items that I may either

  • Want
  • Need

I place them in bullets because I want to emphasize although this may be a very hard task this is reality there’s no way around it. So say my list would look different from another person’s list because no mom or person is the same.

Somethings I may need.

  • Clothes (family)
  • Shoes (family)
  • Car

You get my point now on the other hand what are some of my wants?

  • Hair Products
  • Beauty Products

So on and so forth, but you kind of get the feeling that after you map this out what matters the most is what you NEED. So how do we get to a place where we want to be and can occasionally enjoy a variety of things on our want list. Yes we are all thinking it BUDGETING. That’s all it really takes and I am going to show you how. If your a mom like me then your thinking okay things happen unexpectedly and you need to be prepared. Some people have this mindset that they may be above being a low income family. That’s okay, but having a low income family show’s you that anything can become accomplished just by being frugal in certain places.

How can you start a low income family?

Come on we are almost there to accomplishing a budget outline let’s not give up and start thinking that this is never going to work. I am saying to you trust me and I will help you through the finish line. So these would be the steps in which you can take

  • Start a budget
  • Live within your budget
  • Cut down on wants
  • Get another form of income
  • Downsize
  • Shop around
  • Use coupons


We addressed this earlier on but I am going to strongly remind you once again about Needs vs. Wants let’s stick to it. The first mission is to get everything in order. So say for instance

  • Necessities (Bills)
  • Needs
  • Wants

It is as simple as that once you get these categories going you will be able to sort everything out and be more efficient when it comes to your bills.

Living Within Your Budget

When I say live within your budget that’s exactly what I mean, so say for instance if you have a budget that is already set up. Now this budget has been made around your income so you are now at a point where you know what you can and cannot afford due to your budget.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to abide by the budget you can go out there and splurge on a 2020 bmw knowing that you cant afford it chances are that’s what I call a lose, lose situation. In your mind you believe that you are gaining something but in reality your really not. Yeah I’m going to give you this BMW and loan but if you cannot pay I’m going to destroy your credit, take your car, and the icing on the cake is that they have made off with you money as well.

See Lose, Lose

Let’s be smart folks and stay in the lane where you can feel the sun on your face and the relaxation in knowing that you made a great choice by living COMFORTABLY snug within that lovely safety jacket called a budget.

Let’s get smart


We all need income in order to maintain our way of living and so the best idea would be to have 2 incomes if you have children. Now i’m not saying that you have to have a second job I’m simply saying it’s good to have another one. I have survived with 3 children off of one income so I know that it can be done but is that really how you want to live. Yea me either and so I developed a second income.

Your looking at it, yes a good old blog where I can be me and do what I love to do which is being a mom and writing it’s the to main things that I am good at. Not to say that i’m not good at other things but this is a passion of mine I love it.

Oh just an idea we should find jobs that make us happy not that we dread getting up to go to, what life is that. You only get one life why live it the way you want not the way it’s expected of you. (Learned that the hard way).

Anyway another source of income gives you wiggle room and the ability for the bills to be paid amongst the two not just one. So I say let’s be productive when there is a will there is a way find your idea for a form of income that suites you.

Now I know downsizing isn’t your first choice but…

Downsizing when you are on a budget or fixed income may be pheasable because you see it’s not just about you it’s about your family. Think about it this way you went out and rnted a 1200 dollar townhouse but you know you can only afford 800. It’s like your setting yourself up for failure, now say you found a smaller townhouse that will suite you family and save you and your spouse money. Which one is the better alternative. Let me speak more plainly,

  • Family + Big House = Debt
  • Family + Budget friendly home comfortable for you and your family = comfortability, you get to keep you sanity, have extra money

I think you get the point so let’s be comfortable with extra cash vs having problems with something that isn’t affordable in the first place. Materialistic doesn’t matter when your broke with no where for you and your family to go.

What you mean you don’t shop around?

We all know that we have had these moments when we go into the store and see something that we need but it’s too high you see so you get that motivation to find it somewhere else. That’s what I mean by shopping around nothing nitty gritty but straight to the point.

Share Time.

So this morning I went to the store with my husband and I’m looking for something in particular, something that I know the price for and so on. Anyway we arrive at the walmart and we are in electronics sp we found something sort of like what I was looking for but not exaclty and it cost 40 bucks. I would have had to buy the piece as well as the hdmi now it has went up to 50 bucks.

What! OMG! You will never catch me paying that amount of money for something I can get cheaper. My husband says no your not going to find it, what if you get all the way to the other store and they don’t have it either.

I looked at him and said I know what I brought and I’ll show you that I can save a buck. I went to the other location low and behold I found the same piece that I was l was looking for and ll for 16 bucks.


Coupon Queen in the flesh.

When it comes to shopping for a family of 3 I know me personally I am always looking for the best sale because it’s about saving money to be used in a different place. Why pay full price for something that you ca save on, why because your ashamed, don’t want to hold up the line, or not sure if they can be used for a specific item. Either way it’s a lost because you didn’t try, sometimes being a mom means that you have to bite the bullet.

I used to be that mom that didn’t want to us coupons because it holds up the line but when I did it was a game changer. After I had seen that I g=had saved money I said oh no what’s a couple more minutes for scanning a coupon that could help me financially? So yes don’t say you are not a coupon clipper because it has great benefits and rewards at the end of that road.

How can I save money after I become a low income family?

  • Keep housing costs down including utilities (pay on time avoid extra fees= more money)
  • Stay out of debt
  • Keep entertainment cost down (Ditch the cable start streaming)
  • Buy only when necessary (self explanatory)
  • Get a handle on grocery expenses (If you can’t afford to be vegan with a family of 4 then don’t be realistic.)
  • Automate savings. (If you no good at saving money some of us aren’t no judgment)

How do you manage monthly expenses?

I used to map out all of my billed on a lined sheet of paper and dress it up really nice but it just so happens that while I was in Walmart I came across something awesome.

yes I got a steal on this and not only was it a need but a want as well see win| win for me and possibly you if they sell these near you. $2.47 is what this little booklet is and it gives you a page for each week. All the categories make it easier for you to save as well. Some of the columns you may see is

  • Mortgage/ Rent
  • Groceries
  • Cars
  • Monthly Bills
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Clothing
  • Other Expenses

It just simply doesn’t get any better than this. Okay now that I have overwhelmed you with a lot of knowledge what are you going to do moving forward. I’ve broken down how you ca achieve your goal went over all the steps the choice is for you to make.

Thanks for Reading Hope To See You Soon!