2020 Finally Hits

I know it may seem very odd and unusual but after a while I just stopped taking note of the year changing. Of course I’m not joking things is normal and somewhat common. No I’m not totally oblivious to the fact that there is a new year. It’s just kind of like jeez it’s just hitting that we are in a new year and the cycle starts over again. We get a chance to change things that we may not have been fans of in 2019.

When I think about my goals for this year I realize that they are bigger than last year. Just like everyone else I make plans and semi stick to them. It’s kind of like you get up and when your celebrating your thinking game plan. In reality it’s kind of like you are saying I got this relatively in your head. Well that’s not good your going to drive yourself nuts.

So I’ve developed a game plan, what matters to you the most. What do you want to change that will have a major impact on you, your lifestyle, or your family.

  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Order them Important to Less Important
  • Put them in order (Structure)
  • Work on one at a time

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with somethings and lose sight of what actually matters and what we want to fix with ourselves. In all reality that’s just cheating yourself throughout this whole ordeal.

Some of my goals for this year would be to enjoy life more plain and simple. We often get sids swiped in life with occasional problems or obstacles. We still have the ability to enjoy life in general.

  • Photography
  • Plan more family trips
  • Get Fit
  • Be Healthy


Do you feel like you have adjusted to it being 2020 yet? What are your plans?