Late Night Mom Time

Alone at last the kids are asleep which means free time for me. In what way will I productive tonight. I’m really not sure but that’s quite alright.

I’ve found a variety of different things to do. There once was a time when I didnt exactly know what to do with so much time. It really doesnt matter because my time, is my time.

Same Old

For quite sometime I’ve been doing the same thing and at this point I’m a little bored with it. I need variety, or I cant survive. Funny thing to say right but bn it’s true.

Things You Can Do

  • Catch up on series
  • Eat something sweet
  • Blog
  • Clean


We all know how sometimes watching television with a plus one isn’t always the best decision. Now add on 3 that’s total overload. I mean how do you focus, of course you cant. When everyone is asleep you get to watch, focus, and understand what’s going on. So grab some popcorn or ice cream and let’s get cozy.

Sweet Tooth

We all get those cravings at night but if your family is awake, what’s yours is there’s. Let’s be smart about this sharing is caring but what about you. It may seem selfish but you should be able to have something for yourself. So go on have a treat.


If your like me then you probably get you best ideas at night. I obtain the most focus at night when my house settles in. There are literally no distractions so why not engage with your fellow bloggers.

“We Love Bloggers”

Late Night Cleaner

It may seem odd but some people like to clean. Let me be honest you have your cleaners and the you have your excessive cleaners. I’d like to think I’m in between, but being a mom taught me that. Cleaning is soothing and relaxing, with a distant sound of music. Giving you sort of an escape.

“Clean On”

Finding activities to do at night could give you extra me time. Nothing fancy or extra but simply your time. There is always something to do.

Sleep and Co.

Why does it seem that all of the sudden nap time has some how become harder for me. My 5 year old always fights me to the end. I dont know what it is, why not take a nap there are plenty of adults that would jump at the chance. Lets take a little sanity vacay who cares if it’s for an hour or two.

I recently started to notice that she would stay up all day and then crash around 6. Here’s the problem bed time is bed time and that’s at 8. So the dilemma hear is that she’s barely getting any sleep.

What Can You Do

There are a lot of different resources out the that can help with that. If you do a little bit of digging you can find loads of things. I know I know pinterest right? This is a large community where sharing is what we do.

  • Lay With Your Child
  • Have a Schedule
  • Be Firm
  • Use Natural Remedies (Tea)
  • Read a Book

Laying Down

I know this may sound strange but for all the above reasons children tend to sleep better around there parents. There can be a cause or maybe not, for instance my daughter is afraid of the dark so laying with me helps her get to sleep easier.


Let’s be honest we all know that spare of the moment and kids do not go well together. You cant just sparaticaly say hey nap time. Your kids going to look at you sideways. If you start make sure you enforce this add it into their schedule. This will help them get into the habit because they know what comes next.

Be Firm

Somehow our kids sometimes have the upper hand in situations. They use their charm to try to milk the cow so to speak. You have to make sure that what you say is law. Standing your ground will let your child know you mean buisness.

Natural Remedies

This always helps and all it takes is a hot cup of water. Tea is good for the body and mind. If you want to calm your child think “Tea”.

  • Tea
  • 1/2 tsp of Honey
  • Sweetener (Optional)

The tea can be any tea that you desire. If you have a specific purpose then find a tea that matches. Make sure that it is safe for your child. I always rotate between either chamomile of green tea. You can never go wrong with either or.


This is probably the best part for kids learning about the world above and beyond. Although your child may not be sleeping but they are being productive and working their brains. Working with imagination sometimes fueling sleep. Also I hear reading is an awesome method to get your child to sleep.

Every child is different and maybe you have a neat tip or trick as to how you get your little one to sleep. I’m interested in hearing all of the different approaches other parents use.

But Before You Go


When you are having a hard time trying to get you kids to sleep, what method do you use?