Where did 2020 go?

Let’s Play Catch Up
Photo by Designecologist
It’s still 2020 bare with me……

I mean really there is not one person who doesn’t know what I mean, we have literally been in hibernation most of the year due to that unwanted visitor known as covid. This virus has had such an impact on not only our economy but individuals and families as well. I mean it is really something mind blowing if you ask me. Drifting all the way back to march and here we are bringing in the fall still engaged in wearing masks for protection. I’d like to refer to it only as that because it is certainly not for comfort. Anyway there goes my summer but I do have hope that maybe the fall will be better and when it becomes cold people may not go out as much aside from work and survival like food and toiletries.

Me and Kids

(Where is the laughing emojii?)

On the the other hand my kids have been driving me nuts and I know that some moms will say it’s not that bad, but lock yourself in a house with my kids and you will be ready to give them back. I’m just kidding they are not misbehaved but just really energetic I guess I better work out and keep up lol. Last year we became really interested in plants, but this year we really got the chance to become plant parents. On that note I figured this would be the best time to instill responsibility. Teaching a child responsibility is easy but for some odd reason getting them to follow a watering schedule is hard work. Doing breathing exercises the whole way to my room to scream into a pillow. Yeah sometimes it’s like that.

Education Virtual

Ahhh good ol Virtual….(sarcastic punch)

With school approaching I am blowing my lid and I am feeling very overwhelmed and drained, but it hasn’t even started yet. Odd right. Not so much for this year because we are virtual, I mean how bad can it be. If your not internet savvy you will be when it is all over and done. I will be honest I am more so worried about my girls going back to school because my eldest has chronic asthma. Just the thought of it makes me really anxious. If they had to go back to school within the structure I mean, my daughter wouldn’t be going. I am not against parents sending their children to school because that is there right. Not really my business to tell another woman how to be a mom but that’s just me. I just know that my littles will not be going. My middle daughter will be going into kindergarten this year and I couldn’t be happier, I do wish that the circumstances were different. Maybe 2021 will be better because I know the kids do miss that social interaction with friends.

House Guests?

We have new house guests and by guests yes I mean more than one. Was that the plan initially when we embarked on this journey, nope but s*** happens and who am I to say no? I was in the market for a cat and or kitten, preferably a kitten though I love how small and loving they are. Anyway I found one or so I thought and I became really excited because it was like this cat just found me. As I was speaking to the gentleman about the cat he said can you take both. My husband and I both look at each other in surprise asking if either had seen the other cat. No we both mouthed to each other, but in reality we actually did see the other cat but had simply overlooked her because she blended in. She is grey and the cat that we saw was white, instantly looking at the picture the first cat that would have caught anyone’s attention is the brighter one. Honest mistake but guess what we did? We brought both of them home and they couldn’t be happier. I have a dog so right now we are trying to get them comfortable enough to be around one another.

Fingers crossed.

Until Tomorrow….

All in all I think that this has been an experience for us all because we were faced with an issue that we ourselves couldn’t control. The good thing that did come from this would be that we got to spend time with the ones that we love. I know we have had our good and bad days throughout this experience but we are conquering this. 2020 will be over before you know it but not before we get through my favorite time of the year and we are just getting started.

Hello Fall!

Blogging With A Toddler

  • How can I be my best?
  • Scheduling

Have you ever tried blogging with a toddler?This is absolutely no fun for anyone let’s just be 100% on the same page. Then again this is what happens when you try to be productive without having all your ducks in a row. Have you ever heard the term don’t put all your eggs in one basket? Yeah sometimes when I have a lot of things to do I tend to mismanage my time. Take for instance me trying to blog while my toddler is up.

Being My Best

I know, I know what you are probably going to say nap time. See now we are on the same page. I am simply saying that nap time is both the worst and the best part of my day. I have what I would like to call a spontaneous crier she just randomly cries throughout nap times and the night. So I am constantly back and forth from babies room then back to my little blogging heaven. I don’t mind doing this but after a while it can become stressful. Sometimes if I get lucky as I have been for a little while (fingers crossed) then I can create fun and awesome blogs. Being my best means putting my best foot forward so here goes nothing.

Schedule’s Up

In order to avoid these types of barriers I simply have a structured schedule. On a normal day my daughter normally takes her name about 11 or 12, sometimes she fights her sleep. I am always willing to wait, because at the end of the day zoii needs a nap. If I stick to the schedule then I can excel. Having everything in order really helps me to stay on schedule and on top of things. I’m not sure where I would be, probably lost with my head in the clouds.

Anything is possible, when you believe

I know that in the beginning you may feel like you cannot accomplish this. Stop putting yourself down, you are your own worst enemy. Get excited, and motivated about what you are passionate about. Being a parent and working from home can be hard. We have to push ourselves to be better because when no one else is left in your corner all you have is you. So let’s get moving and figure out a way to be productive. Specially here and now with everything that is going on.

How do you work from home?

Stay At Home Mom, (S|A|H|M)

A lot of times I get asked a question that some moms dread hearing, What do stay at home moms do ? Depending on how you act it can come off sort of like, you stay at home all day and do what? Believe it or not we have to accept that some people just don’t see this as a professional job you see. Although this may be true to them it’s not to us, the hard working stay at home mom job. It’s not easy being a mom and so yes we must work hard at it.

What Is A Stay At Home Mom?


Most people say that to them a stay at home mom is just someone who stays home and tends to her kids. This maybe true but only half, here in today’s society it is looked at differently. The most common definition now would be a “mom that stay’s home to care for her children as well as manage her home”.

In the more earlier time it was referred to as a mom who has made a decision to either completely stop working and be a mom, or she still works and is a Mom. Most mom’s plan to have their children and return to work.

Some of us tend not to go back simply because we don;t trust others with our children or just simply want to home school our children. Homeschooling is just a different more efficient way to teach your children.

There are so many things that tie into this that it’s outrageous to not think that this is a job., we get up everyday and although we may not be headed to any official building to work, we work behind the scenes helping to mold our children into good respectable people for society.

What Should A Stay At Home Mom’s Do?

We raise our children of course that right there is enough but knowing us as mom we are over achievers.

What are the duties of a S|A|H|M?

  • Keep kids tidy
  • Makes sure kids are fed
  • Keep kids clothed
  • Sharing education and knowledge with children (Reading)
  • Incorporate fun activities

Now I Know myself when it comes to education no I don’t stick my kids in front of the television and say okay now it’s learning time. No, we read, complete workbooks, interactive game play 1 hr./day. There are so many ways for your children to learn it all takes patience. Being a mom takes Patience.

How are stay at home moms productive throughout the day?

Some moms are busy bee’s during the day while caring for their little one and balancing out their normal work schedule. I’m just simply a stay at home mom so I am going to share with you my insights on this. We know as moms there are so many things o do in a day, I mean think about it’s not just you and your husband anymore.

In a normal productive day I:

  • Wake up before the kids
  • Have some tea
  • Work on my blog
  • Prepare for the day
  • Make a to do list (To keep up with daily tasks)
  • Wake up my husband of course
  • Get the kids ready
  • Serve a healthy and delicious breakfast (perfect way to start everyday)
  • Transport my eldest to school
  • Return home and engage with my toddler and baby (We will cover this schedule later)
  • Clean
  • Cook (Lunch)
  • Set kids down for nap time
  • Read a book, Listen to music, Conduct reasearch
  • Pick up my eldest from school
  • On to dance!

My day may seem hectic to most of you but hey i’m a mom and in between the cracks if I think of something else that I can be doing to be more productive and efficient throughout the day, I like to throw them in. These are what I refer to as my “monkey wrench days”, I always get diverted somewhere else and my focus shifts but I love variety so I’m okay. Everything will and does fall into place.


Being a stay at home mom has it’s perks but it is the ability that I have to get things done and spend more time with my kids while teaching them means the world to me.