Keeping Baby Calm, Adventure Awaits

Car and Baby Trouble Avoided

Your baby could go from happy to fussy in little to no time, lets be prepared and productive in our pack. I would much rather see my zoii calm rather than fussy. (Can You Relate)

We all know this part very well and if your a mom you can relate to those care rides with you little one. Some mom shave kids that are fairly quite in the care or a mixture of fussy and calm. No matter what we all struggle with this and sometime it can be overwhelming.

What are care rides like for me.

On most days zoii is quite and keeps to herself but I noticed that as she gets older and more active she’s a bit more fussy. When you have 3 kids this can be overwhelming and so I’m going to share what works for me.

Beginning Our Depature.

We all know how long it can take for us to get ready just to leave the house and so for smooth sailing I recommend you pack a bag. Aside from the most obvious things I would put

  • Favorite Toy
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Blanket
  • Teething Ring
  • Orajel

How will this help?

I mean think about it you have an assortment of things to choose from to keep your little rotten apple quiet. Why not prepare for the worst it’s the least we can do as moms to survive.(Also this prevents you from losing your sanity from a screaming baby) Always be prepared and one extra step ahead.