Urban Jungle


String of Pearls

  • Plant: Senecio Rowleyanus
  • Location: Native to Southwest Africa
  • Water Requirement: Very sensitive to over watering but on that note just to be safe run the water through soil allowing it to fall through the holes at the bottom of the container. I would reccomend watering 1 to 2 x a week depending on how dry your soil is.
  • Sun Requirement: Bright Indirect Sunlight , Considering Indoors (Window with great Sunlight), Outdoor (Shady Area)
  • Fertilizing: 2 to 4 weeks during both Spring & Summer

Philanderon Xanadu

  • Plant: Xanadu
  • Location: Native to Brazil
  • Water Requirement: When the soil becomes dry approximately 2 inches before watering, drain excess water. For winter you want you soil to almost be bone dry so watering a lot less in the winter is a must.
  • Sun Requirements: Medium Indirect Sunlight, to much sunlight will burn leaves
  • Fertilizing: Monthly is ok during the Spring and Summer, but always make sure that the soil is wet.


  • Plant: Peace Lily
  • Location: Native to the Tropical Regions of America and Southeastern Asia
  • Water Requirement: These particular plants have a way of telling you they need water. Be on the look out for “sagging” this indicates the plant needs water.
  • Sun Requirements: Indirect Sunlight
  • Fertilizing: Any water soluble fertilizer should do the trick

Coffea Arabica

  • Plant: Coffee
  • Location: Native to Tropical and Southern Africa , Tropical Asia
  • Water Requirements: Moist not soggy soil (This plant also let’s you know when water is needed.)
  • Sun Requirements: Shady or Dappled Sunlight (No direct sunlight at all may cause leaves to brown)
  • Fertilizer: Weak liquid fertilizer is okay

Alocasia “Stingray”

  • Plant: Known as the Sting Ray
  • Location: N/A
  • Water Requirement: Water when dry, Dry spells require an extra inch per week to avoid this
  • Sun Requirements: Light sun and shady areas
  • Fertilizer: Balanced Fertilizer (in the spring you are able to fertilize for a period of every 2 weeks until the end of August

Dracaena Trifasciata

  • Plant: Snake Plant
  • Location: Native to the tropical West Africa
  • Water Requirement: Every 2-8 weeks
  • Sun Requirements: Indirect sunlight preferred
  • Fertilizer: A couple times during the spring not really required, they grow pretty quick

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